We are delighted to announce the shortlist for Competition 1
(for stories submitted in March 2010)

Listed alphabetically by title:

[01] Amigo by Chris Shanley-Dillman (US)
[02] Anna Paula, The Girl Who Wouldn’t Comb Her Hair by Antonio Destro (Brazil)
[03] Bear Hug by Maria Hennings Hunt (UK)
[04] Betsy Brackett's Interest by Rebecca Purton (UK)
[05] Bibbity Bobbity Boo by Daniella Jaff (UK)
[06] Big Red by Kristi Bernard (US)
[07] Bobby Byron’s Birthday by Andrew Randall (US)
[08] Breathe Deep by Chris Shanley-Dillman (US)
[09] Chocolate Challenge by Jo Jacobson
[10] Disgusting Derek Wants A Pet by Kylie Horsfall (China)
[11] Don’t Look Under The Stairs! by Deen Ferrell
[12] Friends For Lizzy by Yvonne Walus (New Zealand)
[13] How Rainbows Came To Be by Philippa Rae (UK)
[14] I Am Sad - Mommy Goes Back To Work by Janice Mcalpine (Canada)
[15] I Wonder... by Carla Larkin (UK)
[16] Jump! Jump! Jump! by Candelaria Silva (US)
[17] Just For One Day by Barbara Kotick (US)
[18] Karl And The Car by Peter Court (Australia)
[19] Matilda Mcbean Wont Clean Under Her Bed by Meridth Gimbel (US)
[20] Mum Tried To Set Her Bottom Alight by Yvonne Walus (Australia)
[21] My Naughty Nanna by Bev Boorer (Australia)
[22] Natalie Flies! by Carlee Hallman (US)
[23] Ricco's Magical Visit by Willette Littlejohn (US)
[24] Rosella's Unicorn by Georgie Foord (UK)
[25] Searching For Bently by Sandra Roth (US)
[26] Stinking Rich by Kerry Simpson (South Africa)
[27] That’s Ridiculous! by Robin Sauerwein (US)
[28] The Angry Witch by Greg Allon (UK)
[29] The Astonishing Tale Of Floating Emma by Helen Brain (South Africa)
[30] The Best Horse In The World by Donna Marie West (Canada)
[31] The Boy Who Loved Holes by Kaalii Cargill (Australia)
[32] The Cobra Dance by Laura Aldir-Hernandez (US)
[33] The Fiercest Pirate by Jacqui Hazell (UK)
[34] The Gift by Ellen Denton (US)
[35] The Giggling Ghost by Barbara Wagner (US)
[36] The Jewel Of Sandaria by Helen Stainer
[37] The King Was In The Counting House by Ann Burnett (UK)
[38] The Little Box That Would Not Close by Daniel Zeff (UK)
[39] The Magic Trick by Kathleen D. Tresemer (US)
[40] The Mill by Denise Stanley (US)
[41] The Rascally Kitten by Leone Anderson (US)
[42] The Sleepy Little Toad I Found By The Road by Amanda Loew (US)
[43] The Sock Monster by Sara Leach (Canda)
[44] The Tale Of Big Drool by Joanne Brown (US)
[45] Tracy Became A Frog One Day by Candelaria Silva (US)
[46] What If A Pig Could Dance A Jig? by Robin Koontz (US)
[47] What Would You Do by Kellie Coff (Australia)
[48] Where Did The Mermaids Go? by Tess Mcpherson (UK)
[49] Where Do Fireflies Sleep? by Karen Wyle (US)
[50] You Cannot Hug A Bug by Carol Woodson (US)